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I interned as a UX designer at SeeekLab from Apr 2019 to Jul 2019. SeeekLab is a specialized creative multimedia agency that designs engaging, interactive installations for marketing events, exhibitions, and public places like hotels and shopping malls.

During the internship, I have worked on multiple projects, including:

  • A gesture-controlled kiosk interface that established emotional connections between strangers. This project was sold in 2019 and generated ¥XXXK of revenue

  • A public-facing installation to facilitate family communications. Exhibited in Kunming in June 2019

  • Shopping mall installation design competition for a Christmas event in Hongkong

.... And more! As a fast-paced firm, I worked on 1-2 new projects synchronous each week.

My daily duties:

  • Create wireframes, user flows, IA, prototypes, and design spec for digital interfaces

  • Build 3D prototypes for physical installations

  • Design pitch deck, posters, brochures for event promotion 

  • Collaborate with cross-functional team to evaluate business requirements and ensure the feasibility of development

If you are interested in learning more about what I designed during the internship, send me an email at!

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